Books are the Basis
Purity is the Force.
Utility is the Principle.

~Srila Prabhupada

Hare Krishna!

Due to the terrible condition of the internet and it’s current ease of use in spreading misinformation, allowing anyone with a voice to speak,
I’ve established this site. This could also be understood as a site that was setup in order to provide a resource free from the throngs of the new age internet filled with it’s pictures and videos of everyone clammering to get your attention with no real purpose other than to take your money or steer you into their own selfish schemes. OF course, I’m talking about the majority and the few users who are sharing something of real value for the most time get eclipsed.

I’ve put this website together in order to present a clear understanding of Krishna Consious principles. This will be spoken about using quotes, sastra and videos of great personalities to illustrate these points. So do not leave this site, or search youtube, or fall down the deep hole of distraction.

Each post has an end goal in mind. The idea is to understand this goal and accept it. Just don’t do it blindly. You should always question, you do not need to agree. Actually it’s recommended in the ancient Vedic writings that you constantly question, and you seek the answers in a submissive spirit.

Please forgive me if I misrepresent unknowingly any information, as I will try my best to convey these spiritual teachings to the best of my ability.

Your humble servant

Vishvambarvyasa das

PS. The only reason I finally decided to put this together, is because if you still plan to look on the internet, there might as well be as close to an honest resource as you can find giving you the information you need to succeed in your spiritual life.