We heard this story from a devotee

He bumped into an elderly man sitting by himself at a table in a restaurant. He looked very upset

So the devotees asked the man, why are you so upset.

He said, my wife and I worked in all our youth to make as much money as possible, not seeing each other often with the unified goal of making so much money they could retire and travel the world living together full time

He said when they were about to retire that his wife died. So now he has a bunch of money and that’s it

This is a good example to realize two things
1. Death can come at anytime whether you like it or not. So plans you are making aren’t in your hands
2. All the money you endeavor for, won’t mean anything when death comes knocking.

A story in a similar vein:

A very rich man came to visit Srila Prabhupada.

He came to Prabhupada crying and saying that he has so much money yet he is so unhappy.

Srila Prabhupada said don’t worry, give it all to us and we will use for Krishna

He panicked and said no , no, no!!! It’s ok I want to keep my money.

In this way, it doesn’t mean that we reject money or not be practical but rather realize that matter how much you endeavor – money will never make you happy and when you die , you won’t take anything with you except for your eternal spiritual asset! Hare Krishna!

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